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    ✨Bride Post✨ My turn! Y’all, if I could describe myself with one word, it would be - harmonious! I could be bouncing off the wall with awkward ass vibes or be calm and cool under pressure. I’m yo’ gurl to party with (who says no to shots AND beer?!) but I can be yo’ gurl who can help clean up your resumé. Call me Ms. Engineer (cuz I got me degree as a ME!) AND call me Ms. Organizer to manage your next political campaign WHILE doing hair and makeup. I gotta say, I just have a knack for finding the sweet spot in almost everything (I mean, I am a Libra ♎️)🌞🌚💧🔥 . . . #vangerousleeinlove #vangerouslee #Hmong #wedding2020

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    ✨Da Groom✨ When you first meet me, I might look like the first photo. All serious, resting bitch face, etc. But I'm much like the 2nd photo most of the time. I'm introverted in new places with new faces, but once I get comfortable, I'm loosey goosey. The timeline of your friendship with me might go like this.. 1st: stuck up, ego-centric, asshole. 2nd: this guy can be an annoying goofball, but hes actually kinda charming. Don't believe me? Take Yaia for example. She poked at me first. Initially, she thought I was some big bad guy, but eventually she found out to believe I'm actually a big goofball.. She might even think I'm the most annoying person in the world right now. Who knows...lol. . . . #VangerousLeeInLove #VangerousLee #Hmong

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    ✨Hai BodyEvery!✨ We both are hyped to have y’all follow us and live VangerousLee day to day with us till the day we celebrate our “I Do’s” in April 2020! You’ll get to know us as a couple and as individuals about how we feel about 5ever2gether. Stay tuned! . . . #VangerousLeeInLove #VangerousLee #Wedding #Wedding2020 #iDo #Hmong