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    Body update: this is what happens when you take care of your mental health and your soul is happy. I have never felt so strong and beautiful in my entire life! 💕💕💕💕 lets go to the beach 🥰 #fitness #hmong #healthylifestyle #michellepajnyiag #proudofmyshoulderslol

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    New Spain travel film out now... 💕🇪🇸 https://youtu.be/1Wp_kkQ8zq8 subscribe to me on YouTube @ MichellePajnyiag #spain #seville #barcelona #madrid #michellepajnyiag #hmonggirl

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    I chose Spain (again) because of the energy I felt here. As an empath it was a feeling I’ve never experienced before. I was tired and emotionally drained after my trip to Morocco. We had an 18 hour layover in Madrid. Spain gave me life again. The music, the food, the weather, the culture, the atmosphere, the people... ahhhh... the PEOPLE. The people were SO nice. They were the reason why I returned. Out of the hundreds of interactions I’ve had with the Spanish here, I’ve only had one bad one. So much patience with me as I tried to communicate with my horrible American-Spanish. So many smiles. And so much kindness. Muchos gracias, Spain. #michellepajnyiag #hmong #femalesoloadventures #seville #spain YouTube: michellepajnyiag

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    Welcome to my new Instagram... with photography and words, we’ll connect. I love discovering the different depths of humanity through art, traveling, and conversations. I want to have conversations with and about different cultures, customs, languages, religions and the strength of the human heart. If we remove the fear of the unknown with the courage to start conversations, we’ll realize we are all the same in the end. Human. I start this journey in Morocco. Come with me... ❤️ #morocco #rabat #travel #hmong #nurse #michellepajnyiag