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Rocky Lee

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Last day in MN, had a great time seeing one of my brothers/cousin being wedded with his beautiful bride. Something I couldn’t miss at all! And well after all the laughs, drinks and new memories, I had to do something I love best!!! Bang them weights! Got a quick gym session with my homies @dreaminwithkong and @sorherart and @ben_a_maker22 before heading back home. Enjoyed the workout and able to teach new things and also learning new things as well. Along said, met up with my great/best friend @xiong5oua and his brother and cousin pheej moua. Got to see their journey to making the first Hmong gym in the cities! You already know where I’ll be grinding weights when I’m in MN! Big shout outs to then to let me see their process as they’ll be opening up very soon! Fit IV Life will be coming soon to you! St Paul, Maplewood, and Minneapolis! Those in the areas who would love to start their journey to better your health?! Here’s your chance to! #BullzZtrong #bztrong #spiritofbullz #unleashingbullz #hmoob #hmong #FitIVLife #deadlifts #deadlift #crocs #crocgang