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Rocky Lee

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Today was back day! Who does their heaviest workout last? *this guy! After all the light weight and mex rep! I decided to hit some hex bar deadlift because homie here haven’t hit it in a minute! Tonight’s workout was all about keep pushing, never be satisfied with what is given, keep reaching no matter what. My first video is actually my second set and my second video is my first set. In my first set, I just gave up after 6 reps and in my mind I told myself, why settle for 6? No lady wants a 6/10, gotta keep pushing for that 10/10 fine 🍷 🥘 looking ass dude! So yeah, I sat for like a good 3 mins and then banged out my second set, got 10 reps but it sure wasn’t easy, took everything I got left in the tank! Ended off with a quick 135 x5 reps to release the tension and ended my night. Nothing’s never easy, you have to work hard for it, even if you’re out of energy, find it in your mind and inner self to keep pushing. Keep grinding yah!! #hmong #backday #hexbar #hexbardeadlift #fatboy #uglyface #gymmotivation #bullzztrong #bztrong #spiritofbullz #unleashingbullz